Brad Delp

About Brad Delp

Born June 12th, 1951, and raised in Danvers, MA, Brad Delp’s life changed in 1964. The Beatles’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show set in motion the musical career of one of the most readily recognizable voices in rock history.
The youngest of four children, Brad was a singer from the start. As a child, he joined his church choir.
He later sang with his band The Monks, playing shows around town with his high-school friends, often at the local YMCA. He worked in a manufacturing plant making heating coils for Mr. Coffee machines. His was an ordinary life.
His friend Barry Goudreau changed that, with a series of introductions, and Brad found himself singing for the hugely successful band Boston. The debut album landed the band in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-selling debut album of the time. Brad contributed all vocals for the first three Boston albums, and is heard on the Greatest Hits and Corporate America albums, as well. He toured most recently with Boston in 2003 and 2004.
Brad also sang on Barry Goudreau’s self-titled solo album, and his Orion the Hunter album. In the 1990’s Barry and Brad formed the group RTZ, and later, in 2003, they released the Delp and Goudreau album.
In the early 1990’s, Brad formed what he referred to as his “hobby band”, Beatle Juice. With four friends, he set out to recreate the sounds of the band that had inspired him so long ago, and that continued to delight him through the years. Described as “the next-best thing to the real thing”, Beatle Juice played the Boston and southern New Hampshire area regularly for nearly 15 years. Brad would often say, “It’s the only thing that can make me feel 15 again.”
In private life, Brad was an avid movie buff who loved to share with his friends his extensive knowledge of films. He enjoyed riding his motorcycle through the quiet New Hampshire countryside, and often vacationed at Walt Disney World.
Brad’s daughter, Jenna, is a film-maker in California. His son, John Michael, is a chef in Seattle. Their mother, Micki, was married to Brad for 16 years, and resides in California. Bradley’s fiancĂ©e, Pamela, lives in New Hampshire.