You Say It’s Your Birthday . . .


    June 12 of this year marks what would have been my father’s 61st birthday, and all of us at the Foundation have been working hard to come up with the perfect way to honor him this year. For starters, we’re debuting the first incarnation of the new and improved Brad Delp Foundation website! We hope you enjoy the new pictures and videos, and stay tuned for even more fun new updates still to come in the weeks ahead!
    Secondly, as many of you know, we have spent the past few years working on restoring my dad’s catalogue of unreleased songs, with the aim of putting them together as an album to release to the public. This has been a MASSIVE undertaking! Many of my dad’s master tapes were damaged in a flood that took out a good part of his basement. Thanks to the tireless efforts of his good friend Roger Carmody, who spent many months baking the mold off of the tapes (and getting sick in the process!), we’ve managed to salvage a great deal of these recordings and are finally now in the home stretch of this labor of love. The completed album will be a compilation of songs spanning from the early 70’s through the 90’s, in different genres, featuring dad alone and with his closest friends and colleagues. It is our goal with this project to let the public hear my dad as those of us closest to him have always known him. These songs are a glimpse of the man, apart from the band, doing what he was born to do in the purest possible form and I can’t wait for you to hear it!
    To that end, we’ve decided that the perfect way to celebrate dad’s birthday this year is to give you a little sneak preview of what’s to come! The song below is the raw and unmastered version of the upcoming album track “Alone” which my dad wrote back in 1973! It’s the oldest recording we have, featuring my dad along with Roger Carmody and Tom Febonio. Listen carefully for the playful banter at the beginning between dad and Roger, and the tiny little “chirp” at the very end, which Roger tells me was actually dad doing his best impression of a parakeet! Classic Brad!

    ~Jenna Delp
    Art work by Meg Sullivan

137 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday . . .

  1. I LOVE the song “Alone”! So nice to hear Brad’s voice up front like that. I can’t wait for the rest of the album to come out! Major thanks to Jenna and John Michael, as well as Roger Carmody and Tom Febonio, and the other members of the Brad Delp Foundation.

  2. God, what a voice. Definately some beatles influence there. Love how Brad was able to excersise his vocal ability.

  3. Thank you to all those who had a hand in this huge project. I love you all and the common bond we have…. we all love Brad !

  4. absolutely magnificent!! can’t wait for more…. jenna , you are the best daughter EVER!! and john michael … a wonderful son! thank you all for all the work done on behalf of your dad! i loved him <3 never to be forgotten…

  5. “If only I could sing like Paul McCartney,” why…why…I’d be Brad Delp…. Of course, then, I’d sing better than, Sir Mac…. R.I.P., Olde Bud….

  6. Awesome guys what a way to celebrate brads birthday way to go and what a beautiful song i will deffiently buy this album when it comes out amazing

  7. Words really can’t describe It ! the voice of an angel ..sweet , kind & caring man! “Alone” Is a Beautiful song & I Can’t wait to hear more! Much <3 & appreciation to ALL who had a part in bringing this about!!

  8. So Beautiful- Thank you for giving us all a beautiful gift on Brad’s birthday! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Y’all did a great job recovering this. It’s so beautiful. His voice so crisp and young. Imagine the first time he played that back for himself…

  10. Beautiful soul, beautiful song. Very nice to hear that pure voice that we all know and love! Can’t wait to hear more! Good job Jenna and JM!!

  11. as usual amazing voice, great way to remember all he left us with….. he lives on in all his music and in our hearts.

  12. Thanks to Jenna and Roger for this track. I look forward to the release of more material. Awesome.
    I’ll never forget Boston coming to Pittsburgh, walking on stage and Brad giving a thumbs-up to my then 10-year old daughter as they prepared to begin the show. 15 or 16 years later, she’s never forgotten it, either. What a great, great guy.

  13. WOW ! So awesome! Thanks for the update on his unreleased recordings. I have wondered this for a long time and can’t wait for the rest . Will be the highlight of whatever year. Have been a fan forever. An honor to hear” What’s Benn Left Behind”…R.I.P. Brad!


  15. Wow.. Just beautiful. I wouldnt remaster that at all. Something about that sound makes it so intimate and special.

  16. What a beautiful, beautiful song. thanks for sharing, and I will be looking forward to the CD.
    Happy Birthday Brad..

  17. All I can say is what so many other have “Beautiful”. A real treasure for all of us fans that appreciate the many talents Brad had but more importantly, the person Brad was. He was always so kind and thoughtful. His presence has truly been missed. Thank you for allowing us to have a sneak peak! Happy Birthday!

  18. Very comforting to hear Brad’s wonderful voice. Meeting him in person confirmed the genuine kindness behind his voice. Always remembered and forever missed. Thank you.

  19. Hi Jenna and Michael. So nice to hear Brad’s voice again in the form of a new song. I’m really glad and appreciative for what you are doing. Your father would be very proud. Can’t wait to hear the final product! Thanks.

  20. Bill F. has spoken to me about some of these trax, over the years. I knew I’d be stunned, but never did I expect a demo to be this fantastic — Thank you to all who are part of bring this music to the fans. One of the great voices of all time, and this track only furthers the fact that Brad was a great songwriter as well —

    All the best, from the ol’ FRB —

  21. Exquisite ! Made me cry with the simple beauty of his voice.
    After listening to the new George Harrison with all the demos, this is a perfect pairing.
    What a huge loss for the music world.
    So grateful your love and dedication to your dad has lead to what is priceless
    His voice always thrilled me , the stark beauty (even with the timing issues and missed
    notes on guitar) is there for the world to celebrate. I always knew he was the magic, now here is the proof thank you

  22. A couple of my favorite people were born on June 12th.!! Brad Delp, my favorite singer no matter which project he was on, and my son, Mark Jr.!!!!!!! I was lucky enough to see Brad and Boston and he was awesome!!! Brought tears to my eyes when after so many years(2003) I finally had the chance to see him and Boston. Always been my favorite!!!! I was very saddened by his passing!!! RIP BRAD DELP!!!!!

  23. Jenna, just the fact that you have restored what was nearest and dearest to your dad’s heart (his music) shows he still lives within you and you’ve shared a piece of that with us…thank you for that…you’ve made your dad proud and I’m sure he’s got that big smile on his face just for you….I met him many times, what a great man.

  24. Wow!!!! Thank you for posting this, at the age of 22 his voice is ultra smooth. If I was to say he sounded like anyone it would be…Brad Delp!!! I met him walking down the Midway at Rocky Point Park, RI (surprised that I recognized him)he walked out of the park with me to my car to sign my Don’t Look Back cassette cover. RTZ was playing on the outside stage that night.

  25. The voice of an angel, who is now an Angel. Should have a ’tissue alert’ posted before listening. How peaceful and serene this song progresses, like floating on a raft on a perfect summer day. His voice is so pure, effortlessly bringing the song to life. Thank you all involved with this project, a blessing to be able to salvage what was so dear to Brad and have for his family, friends, and fans to cherish.

  26. Amazingly beautiful!! I simply cannot wait for the album(s) to be released. He had such a glorious voice. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this possible. Please know, we all still love him.

  27. Simply Amazing… This just proves that his voice was the best to ever be recorded in the history of music. I also was blessed to have met him and spend time with him on several occasions… He changed my life forever.

  28. What an awesome legacy this talented artist has left. I am getting the privelege of seeing “Boston” live for the first time in concert in a few weeks. Brad’s memory will certainly be there and in every concert that is played by them. What an amazing voice,,,that will live on forever…..

  29. This is great on so many levels. As I have said for decades, I could listen to Brad sing the phone book. But from the very Beatles open that I know he loved to the smooth calm Brad we heard in his later years…this is exactly what I wanted to hear. It is what I needed to hear. I met him but once and yet several pictures of us together grace my house. He had that voice, he was and is that inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing.

  30. Thank you Jenna! and everyone else involved. Absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more. Brad touched my life, and so many others. He was an angel in life, and most certainly an angel in the afterlife. Thanks again Brad. Miss ya!

  31. What a pleasure to hear Brad’s voice on a new song, terrific job restoring this to all involved. Can’t wait to hear the rest of them.

  32. Can’t wait to hear the unreleased recordings…thanks for making this happen! Thanks to Barry for posting on his FB page…

  33. Jenna, your Dad was a Great singer and he will live on in the music we all listen too. My older brother Oscar use to jam to Boston on our way to school so I grew up with that genera. As long as we have been friend it’s like I knew your dad through you and you family is awesome. Your Dad would be Very Proud of you. Keep doing what your doing. Love Ya! your friend always, Eloy

  34. One of my favoriets voices of all time!!
    We miss a lot. Must be playing with Cozy at heaven!!
    Hoping to see soon released this fantastic unreleased songs cd!!Have all his music..
    Thanks,Keep rocking! Vic, Barcelona,Spain

  35. WOW!! What a great song!!!! And isn’t it wonderful that people like his family, Roger C and others care so much about Brad that they want to preserve his oh so clean, crisp voice!! Thank you all for that! It makes missing him a little more “easier” What a wonderfully beautiful simple and pure is it’s characteristics!! I will be waiting to hear more for sure!!!

  36. What an amazing voice an amazing man. Never really absorbed his words before we lost him.Never realized the loving pain he was experiencing that overwhelmed him… till we lost him. May we all understand this loving,caring,generous man a little better from now on till forever

  37. Thanks from California. I love the RTZ tracks and the work with Barry G over the years that haven’t gotten the airplay. Shame Tom S didn’t use Brad on Living For You and his other Boston Projects. Brad was 75% of the success, he apparently never dropped his ego enough to let Brad take them all to higher levels.

  38. Thank you for posting this wonderful song! Brad and Roger were in their early 20’s when they recorded it. Roger, with assistance fom Chris Doig, put the tapes onto digital, where the songs could be mixed, tweaked and ready for mastering. The process took over 600 hours of work. Truly, a labor of love!

  39. Thank you for releasing this beautiful track, it’s like a big warm hug,and the quality of the vocals are so crystal clear. As is the case for all of us, cannot wait to hear more! Thank you Jenna and all for of restoring and sharing these treasures,and to Meg for your beautiful artwork as well. Take Care – Carol(btlbailey)

  40. Made me cry again. Thanks for sharing Mickey, Jenna and Rodger! I can’t wait to hear more of Brad and his beautiful voice!

  41. My favorite singer of all time. His humble personality made the biggest impression on me through the years. Thank you so much for putting this together for us fans that have been craving for years to hear more from his amazing unique voice.

  42. I was born and raised in Liverpool during the 60’s, however, (and despite the Beatles), Boston, with your Dad, was, and always will be, my favourite ever band. The song is a worthy tribute to him. In my humble opinion, it’s more than just a Beatles influence, it could easily have been one of their own, which I believe was what he set out to do.
    Job done!

  43. I am sure you have heard this a thousand times but I must tell you how your dad and this band affected me. In 1976 I was 13, parents had divorced and I was in pain. My room was black light posters and furry radios and a kick ass stereo. My friend and I get this album, go to my house and my life changed. Listening to your father sing mesmerized me. I couldn’t believe that anyone could sing like that, or play the guitar like he and Tom did. My taste changed to bands with great singers, like Journey, Foreigner, etc. But Boston was my favorite. Then Don’t Look Back comes out and A man I’ll never be. That was it for me. I swore that I would never hurt my kids like I was hurting and from that point on I have tried to be the Man I can be.

    Thank you for sharing this song with us. I will buy whatever you put out because to me your fathers voice was Angelic and awe inspiring. I know you are sad but I also know you must know he sings with the Angels now, in fact I bet he leads them!


  44. My favorite singer since 1976. What a voice. Many thanks to his family for the continued work and generosity. The fans appreciate it very much. There will never be another like Brad.

  45. I can’t begin to express the impact Brad Delp & Boston had on my life and the odd and sad things we have in common. At about 12 yrs old my father got me Boston’s 1st album, it was also my 1st LP and by far one of the greatest ever done! I played it hundreds of times! I didn’t keep a lot of my LPs (with the age of CDs), but I will always keep that LP!
    At age 14 my father committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. There were many sad and tragic circumstances surrounding his death. I have dealt with severe depression & thoughts of suicide most of my adult life.
    Like Brad Delp, my purpose on this planet is to make a positive difference in the world. 7.5 yrs ago I founded a non-profit to benefit the environment, kids & society. I’ve struggled for 30 yrs to leave a positive legacy in as many ways as I can. The world is just not the same without Brad Delp and his loss is a tragic event beyond words. His good work lives on through others he influenced in so many ways!

  46. Timeless voice, absolutely. My 14 year old son is saddened by your loss. His deep connection to Brad and his music is beyond my comprehension. I used to play Boston’s music and my favorite song “more than a feeling” before he was born and I guess, he heard. His regret; he did not get to meet Brad.

  47. will brad delps unreleased solo album 2007 ever be completed and released all new songs all new music will it be titled yet or available compact disc thank you jon macvean po box 434 sparta mi 49345 rock band boston my favorite band

  48. So glad to hear this new track! I had started to give up hope you would be releasing any of Brad’s music – so glad to see that it’s coming soon. Hope to hear some of the tracks with Brad and Mark Miller, this will be an awesome release!

    • Is there any news at all on Mark & Brads music? The studio videos in YouTube are great, teasers but I enjoy em! If anyone has any news about any updates please post on BDF Facebook page, I watch closely there for any news.

  49. I first saw Boston in 1977 when Sammy Hagar warmed up for them at the Capital Center in Largo MD/Washington DC. Even with the ten year drout, Boston has been my favorite band and Brad my favorite singer. Could you let me know when to get his currently unreleased work. Thanks

  50. great to hear the peacefulness in his voice,doing what he loved to do, just sing because ……….
    i knew him all my life and remember the innocence of the Monks at the jr high dances. can’t wait for the rest of the disc.

  51. This is truly a beautiful song by a wonderful man. My wife and I had the opportunity to meet Brad before a Beetle Juice concert at the Government Center in downtown Boston the Summer before he passed away. Brad was very patient meeting with any fan who approached him to say hello. And believe me, there were many fans that day. Needless to say, Brad was definitely not your typical rock star, and that was what struck me most about him after meeting him. Brad’s voice will live on forever. RIP Brad.

  52. its been along time since i have heard anything new from brad until now and as soon as i heard the first line of the song, that golden voice made me tear up,i have been wanting to hear brad’s voice on something besides old hits he had with boston and i do love all his work with boston, but hearing this new song once again made me realize how unique a voice he had, his pitch and clarity is what seperates him from other vocalist, brad i love you brother, you still after all these years give me chills listening to your voice. i was blessed to see you live with boston and brad’s good friend fran cosmo, you 2 guys put on a show there in pensacola fl in 1996 and i will never forget those harmonies you and fran put on!!thanks for the new song and i cant wait til this other stuff that roger has savaged, also i hear tom is gonna release 4 songs on the new boston album that has brad on lead vocals. i cant wait!! i just wish tom would release more, there is no tellings how much stuff tom has with brad on lead vocals just sitting at tom’s studio or his house, things that tom thinks isnt good enough to be released but the fans would love to get a hold of some of that raw footage!!!!!!

  53. Hello!

    I just wanted to take a moment and say that your father and his music is one of the biggest inspirations of my life. Since as early as I can remember I have been cranking the volume on Boston’s music. I’ve never heard anything that comes even close to the grandiose and original nature of their music. It is the fuel of the fire in my heart for my desire to pursue a life in music. Learning of his death was perplexing and deeply saddening. I send immense love to his soul and wish him peace.

    In a google search I came across this foundation. PLEASE add me to any mailing lists you have, I would love to stay up to date with what is going on and offer my assistance to you in ANY way I can. Please let me know and don’t hesitate to ask.

    For now I will continue to spread the word to the modern generation of the greatest rock band in history – Boston.

    Best wishes,

    André M. Doucette

  54. My heart broke when I heard of Brad Delp’s passing. I was driving home with my son after he got his diagnosis of autism. I swear it…hearing Brad Delp’s voice sing More Than A Feeling over and over on the radio kept my sanity!!! I miss his presence more than words can express. RIP Brad…Th
    ank You so much for the music you left us.

  55. Only 4 years younger than Brad myself, I have grown up listening, loving and singing along to Boston’s music. Many times I have thought about my favorite band and in all these years, no other group in my mind could embody their style and presence in the music world. Truly their instrumentation in music is genius and unmatched. This also includes Brads melodious, harmonizing voice.

    Thank you Brad for leaving us everything you had in your music.

    Because of that, you will forever live on in our hearts.

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  57. Jenna,
    Is there a way for me to get this beautiful song on my Facebook timeline so that my visitors can see for themselves why I hold Brad to be one of the best (if not the best) male rock vocalists ever. Michael Masters Boise, Idaho

  58. I would like to purchase a copy of the CD when it’s released. I’m a long time Boston fan since the 70’s, and been to at least 4 concerts.

  59. When’ rockin away’was first released it brought tears,as I was part of Brad’s childhood in Danvers,I was there with that Sears guitar.Now hearing this sends me back again to the man I will always be proud/honored to call my friend,miss u

  60. Beautiful song by Brad. Anything that man sang, whether it was Boston or not, I’d love to have copies of it. Jenna and John Michael, your father Brad was truly a gem. I must say this, though. Boston came to Stage AE (American Eagle) here in Pittsburgh this past summer, 2012. No, I refused to go. I can’t bring myself to go to another concert billed as “Boston”. It would not have been the same, and it would have been way too painful, even five years later.

    • Michael, I am with you.. I have said the same thing.. I could never bring myself to go to a concert… They are not “Boston”. I’m sticking with Barry and Sib.

  61. I met Brad in Houston Texas in 1978 at a concert backstage, what an incredible gift that was, he talked to me like an old friend. To this day I still remember our conversation, I miss him terribly.

  62. Brad Delp has always been my favorite musician and I can’t wait to hear all of the songs when the project is finished. After almost six years I still find it hard to believe that he is gone. I have never heard anyone else that can sing the way he does. Thank you for keeping his music alive for all of us fans.

  63. I started as a vocalist in bands when I was 15, by the age of 17 was giggin pretty regular. The first time I heard Brad sing I was blown away, I have a pretty good range myself, but was mesmerized by his control of his vibrato in the higher octaves. It became my training tool. I rocked in bands for 25 years, and I am still amazed when I hear his voice. We also share the same birthday. A human being like Brad, is very rare in this day and age, and he will be fondly remembered, but sadly missed……..Rest in peace Brad

    • I have listened to this so many times. it so reminds me of John Lennon’s style. Brad tho had a far better voice….. yes the greatest voice in R&R. Love listening to him no matter what it is. Thank God for finding his material. Of course he will live on forever in all his works, but this is a real treat. Bless you Brad <3

  64. I was 4yrs old in 1976. I may have heard a Boston song growing up, playing on the radio or something, but I never accually heard – I mean really listened to Boston until “third stage”. I was so struck by the sheer musical genius and soul nurturing symphonic quality, I of course journeyed back to the first album. The music; the voice is the only thing that has illuminated me during some of my darkest hours. I would not be the man I am today had it not been for Brad Delp and Boston nor could I imagine myself had I not been exposed to what I will always consider the most edifying band to have been.

  65. Hi, I so remember days on end that my oldest brother was 21 years old and his best friend Larry, it was 1978, we were so poor and had nothing else to do, but my brother Dave and his friend Larry was just 21, they spent many many hours playing pool on an old pool table someone had given him, it was hot that summer, but all I can remember was an 8 track of the band Boston, hour after hour, that was also the year that Larry was killed, only 21, my brother was lost. all he did was stay in the room that the pool table was in and he would stay there for hours. listening to your dads music, and this day, I am almost 44 and it saddens me that your dad is gone, such sadness, but the music still brings back so many many great memories, and yes, Im sad because Larry was like another big brother and yes, my brother Still and so do I listen to your dads beautiful music, and I cant wait to hear the music that your wonderful dad has still to offer all of his fans, WE STILL LOVE YOU BRAD. WE WILL ALL SEE YOU SOMEDAY, GOD BLESS YOU. Betty

  66. What a beautiful song! His love of PMc is quite evident here. Only wish I had been one of those lucky enough to have met Brad. Would’ve liked to have thanked him for all the joy through his music that he has brought into the lives of me & my family. No handshake, but rather a nice big hug to have shared from one old soul to another. Truly missed, but never ever forgotten………

  67. John Poitras I agree when the song “Rockin Away” was released it really did bring tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. I was just a teenager when Boston first came out and it was big! We loved Brad’s voice. I remember having a bunch of friends over and turning up the tunes and dancing around to Boston. My husband and I met Brad and he always made me and my husband feel like he had known us forever. Whenever he spoke with my husband he would hold my hand. So So special… I can not wait for you to release a new album with Brad’s songs. I will be 1st to buy it.. Thank you Jenna and John Michael for starting a project like this it will make a lot of people very happy! Rest in peace Brad. We love and miss you.

  68. I met brad with my friend back at the providence civic center after a boston show. Brad took the time to talk to the two 13 year old boys who dreamed of being him. I never knew him but his gentlness showed. Thank you brad for the love the time and the stories. I won’t forget.

  69. I’m just way too sad these days myself, sometimes life seems insurmountable,
    I love listening to Boston and Brad…. but it doesn’t help to feel any better…
    you were among the best,,, regards

  70. God Bless You, Brad! I wish I was able to tell you that, I was just too star struck and couldn’t say anything. God Bless You, Brad.

  71. What can i say Brad Delp he was an amazing musician with lots of heart… It’s rare you can listen to an entire album and love every single song; let alone hear that entire album on the radio almost every single day… Blew my mind when i found out that my favorite songs i was hearing on 95.5 EVERY DAY “more than a feeling” “peace of mind” “rock and roll band” “something about you” and “let me take you home tonight” were all from the same band and all from one album… Musicians like Brad Delp are one of a kind, i mean this music made back in the 70s beats almost anything made since then. From what i have read and gather from his music he was a compassionate guy and it saddens me that he was depressed enough to take his own life, but at least he did it with the consideration of the well being of those around him. He will live on in the hearts of his loved ones and everyone who hears his music.

  72. As a songwriter,guitarist,piano and trained vocalist,I for one tried for years to make it in the business.
    You inspired me to bring my voice to another level.i thankyou today for being part of my guidance.
    Can’t wait to hear this compilation of kids are 12 and 9 and guess what they listen to?
    R.I.P. and hope you’re still singing up there


  73. I was living in my car in Houston, TX when Boston’s music blasted onto the music scene (1977-1979). I was in survival mode and unable to connect to anyone or anything in a healthy manner. Today, I can catch-up on all the missed Boston music/concerts via Youtube and on this website. I am so impressed by the range and ability of Brad Delp. Him effortlessly playing multiple instruments on one Youtube vid blew me away. Listening to this song, Alone, feels like having a one-on-one audience with him. Impeccable voice! The only music that didn’t make me sad from this era (’77-’79) is Boston and Brad Delp’s singing. There is something so uplifting in the character of his voice. Thanks for making a difficult time in my life better by your songs, Mr. Delp. Peace be with you.

  74. BD must have been a very deep compassionate person to have cared soooo much that he couldnt get over the pain the world was going through and no real solution seemed at hand

    He contributed to a better world by sharing his talents

    rest in peace

    and dont look back

  75. I’ve been thinking about Brad… what a nice and gentle and fun guy he was
    and that he would have been 62 in June.
    It’s good to see how many people do think of him and miss him.
    I also came here to see if your project is continuing and wanted to let you know
    that I have very nice photos of your dad onstage and off – in case you are looking for some.
    I’m travelling right now, but will be back at my archives in mid November.
    I have always wondered what actually happened to trigger his suicide.
    But I will let him rest in peace. Long distance huges to you “kids”, Dagmar (currently in Europe)
    He’s p;robably singing somewhere…

  76. After hearing the very disappointing new Boston songs, thinking “Well, that’s all there is, now,” this just made my heart swell up. Seems I’ve spent most of my life trying to find One More song sung by Brad. “Rockin’ Away” gave us what Tom couldn’t, and now you guys are bringing the best gift ever.

  77. Brad sang with conviction. Bradley, You are a part of memories I wander through. Moments in time that I hope I revisit from another place. with deep love and admiration. “The Man You’ll Always Be”

  78. What a what voice, I grew up to know what a voice was. My Dad could sing Bass to tenor. Yes Barbershop. And they both inspired me to take voice lessons in high school. My voice teacher told me I had a good voice for classical music. ugh.

  79. It is great to hear more Brad Delp material. I’m glad that his family members and true friends are handling these songs. He is my favorite vocalist ever. I never tire of his voice on any project that he was involved with. I can’t wait for this cd to be released. It’s hard to believe that Brad is gone. His passing still has the same effect on me as when I first heard the news. I saw Boston in concert in ’95 and it’s still my favorite show. I believe that you’ll see your father again one day. God bless and take care.

  80. I have so many great memories of Boston and Brad Delp, driving my 79 Dodge Magnum with Boston blaring out of my speakers, windows rolled down just “Feelin satisfied” I was front row centre in Toronto on his last tour with Boston and shook his hand and watch and listened amazed at his talent. I was and still am sad at such a loss. Love you man Cant wait to hear some more unreleased material. Thank you.

  81. Thank you so much in your efforts to preserve you father’s songs. I have loved his voice since I first heard it in ’76. Up until today I didn’t know that he did all the vocal tracks on the first Boston album and didn’t know he sang in Beatle Juice… Miss him.

  82. Mickey and Jenna – What a lovely recording. You can certainly hear the Beatles influence in the music and voice. Brad is/was my voice idol growing up and I still love to sing his music.

    I am looking forward to more of Brad’s audio legacy.


  83. An amazing recording. This appears to have been part of a much larger expected release back in 2012. Where can I obtain the album of his work which is referenced here?

    God bless, Brad. You were one of a kind.

  84. Wow, he was so fantastic. What a massive talent. So sad to be so gifted and tortured all at the same time.
    Brad Delp was the best. RIP

  85. Living just a few streets away from Brad in Atkinson, NH, my son, (also a musician), would stop by if he saw Brad in the yard and Brad would drop whatever he was doing to chat, but most of all he would want to listen more than talk! Brad was one of the kindest people I’ve met in my life and we all miss him dearly! The Man With The Golden Voice will live on forever!!

  86. I’ve admired Brad since the release of “Boston,” back in 1976. I didn’t know him personally but still think of him often, and how sad it was that he ust wasn’t able to pull through his internal turmoil the day he died. I appreciate reading the personal accounts of the man he was, and I’ll always love and appreciate his mind, his talent, his spirit and his music. Thank you for sharing it here. May those who shared his life intimately still feel his love and inspiration. Happy birthday, Brad; wish you were still here among us.

  87. Finding this site brings a smile to my heart. Brad has one of the purest, most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I was profoundly saddened hearing of his death. I hope his Soul has found peace.

  88. Jenna,
    I, like so many had the opportunity to meet your dad on numerous occasions. Each time it was like running into an old friend. You should find comfort in his legacy and know how much of an impact he made on so many lives. I have a feeling that the song,” My One True Love” was written with you in mind. I want you to know that my wife and I adopted it for our two daughters. I have to tell you that every time we put it on my wife cries. The words were perfect and the man who sang it a gift to all that knew him. I wanted to stop over and say hello at the Regent Theatre Sunday night but you were busy. Best of luck to you and your family. Now back to work on finishing the music for your dad. we all are waiting anxiously to hear it!

  89. I am a huge Brad Delp fan. I met Brad in Chicago while touring with Boston. The nicest man in the music business ever. Soft spoken soul with a gigantic voice! God must have needed a high tenor in heaven! God bless! KC

  90. I have some of the most Amazing, Wonderful, Cool and Memorable Times in my life listening to Brad’s One of a Kind-God Breathed Voice. Seen Boston in concert in Tacoma, WA. on July 31st, 1987 and it was THE BEST, BEST, BEST SOUNDING concert I have Ever Been to… (been to 100’s literally) Words can’t really describe how Grateful I am for his gift, songs and influence that he has had on my life over the years. I am Thankful to him for sharing his gift and his family for sharing such a Wonderful Man with All of Us. Thank You…HIS Peace to You Always. B-}

  91. This is so precious!
    I’ve dedicated my 55th year to listening, writing about, watching and enjoying everything Brad left behind for us.
    I wish there was some way to get a update on the progress of this anticipated compilation.
    God bless all of you that were dear to him.

  92. Hi there … It’s been such a very long time since there’s been any updates about the long awaited album. Is there any way to find out if you’re going to release it?

    God bless you all!

    May you be at peace eternally Brad, love you always!

  93. looks like I’m a couple of years late for this post but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed hearing Brad sing Alone. I agree with another poster that you can hear the Beatles influence in his voice. I never met Brad but I’ve read a lot about the kind of person he was and its obvious to me that he was truly loved by many people. When I heard about his passing it was so very upsetting because I know there is help for people who suffer from depression. You just have to reach out. I hope the Foundation is making a difference not only for those people but for all the budding singers and musicians out there who need to be heard. Rest in peace Brad. ❤️

  94. This is so incredibly sweet! Thank you for sharing it, it really doesn’t get any better! Can’t wait for this album 🙂

  95. I miss Brad , i have been a fan for many decades and even have a daughter named Amanda because of a very special night that the song amanda started for us.

    The memories you made for us live on stage are forever part of us.

    I hurt when i hear any Boston song but the pain is so bitter sweet ..

    Thank You Brad … Thank You god bless


  96. I have known Brad since we were children. our families enjoyed many good times with each other. We lived in Beverly after moving from from Danvers ,that is where the Delps lived, Uncle Buck,Betty,Brad and Pam.Brad would find a way to come to our home In Beverly, witch was great.My brother David was having guitar lessons and Brad would come over to pick Davids brain on what he learned,so he showed Brad. I do believe that is when Brad first started his interest in music,and we can all thank the good lord for that, I wish I had known then what we all know now kinda thing.Brad was also a loud talker, I think that is where he got his great unmatched voice,so thank God for that also. We all had a great time,life was in front of us with our wants and dreams.Brad learned the guitar and then he reached up and grabbed the Brass Ring and took us all on his great journey, and what a journey it was, Thank you with all our harts Brad,you are my brother and I will always remember. Love you Brad.

  97. I am but one of the millions of people who grew up listening to Brad Delp & the music he created with Boston. I had a huge crush on him because well, he was gorgeous! But more than that…he was such a powerful singer! The other day I was at work & “A Man I’ll Never Be” came on the radio & I got goose bumps! Like I always have for decades when I hear that song. I just want to say that I’m very sorry for his passing. No matter the circumstances…depression is a mean ass “beast!” I’ve always heard of his kind heart and love for animals (which next to rock n roll, is my greatest passion). I noticed that comments stopped several years ago & I hope that doesn’t mean that the foundation is no longer active. I think it’s a wonderful way for us “regular folk” to contribute.

    Thank you for sharing your dad with “the whole world!” That couldn’t have been easy growing up but, I know you’re both so proud of him! I’m certain that he was proud of you!

    Very sincerely,
    Kelli Couch

  98. The foundation is very much alive and continues to honor Brad and all of the great charity work and causes he supported when he was with us. The tapes of Brad’s music were much more difficult than anticipated to get them to a point that they could actually even be played. They were covered with toxic mold from a flood in his basement Jenna and John Michael own the rights to them and they have said they hope one day to release them but their lives are full right now and this is a costly and full time job in itself. Thanks to everyone who remembers Brad and supports the foundation. And yes… even today… over 9 years later, we all still miss him very much !

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